Recommended Office Needs for Beginning Writers Lesson 4 A 4-11-2020

Recommended Office Supply Needs for Beginning Writers

Place to sit and write (We’ll discuss this later)

Box for storing office supplies

A supply of writing instruments (pens and pencils)

Erasers (1 rectangle, 1 click eraser, and if needed erasers for mechanical pencils)

Paper clips, regular and jumbo size (or a small assortment containing both)

Butterfly clamps (1 box of clamps for 1” capacity storage)

3 x 3 Post it Note Pads (1 or 2, your color choice)

Notebook paper, ruled, 8 ½ x 11 with holes punched

Ring binder (1, with a 1 ½-2” capacity)

Ring binder index (1, with 12-13 tabs)

Plain white, letter-size copy or printer paper, 20#, small package or ream

Plain white, #10 non-window envelopes (small box will do)

10 x 13 white or manila envelopes (small package, used for mailing manuscripts, letters)

Stapler and corresponding staples

Rubber bands (Small package of assorted sizes)

12-inch ruler (preferably see-through)

Stenographer’s notebook (1, for note-taking)

Composition books (2 inexpensive, with lines for diary-journal, notes or tracking  submissions to magazines)

Cellophane tape (1 dispenser with ¾” tape on it)


Glue stick (1 or 2)

Postage stamps (Small book, about $10 for mailing correspondence & manuscripts)

Letter size file folders (12 pk. Manila, tab size your choice) and box to store them in. (It can be a cardboard box from home. You don’t have to purchase something special.)

Floppy disks or thumb drive for storing your computer work

Record-keeping supplies as needed: 1 record book for tracking expenses and income, 1 small invoice book for tracking book sales, and 1 small postal scale if you send out a lot of heavy manuscript submissions from your home address.