Recommended Christian Resources for the Writer’s Library Meeting 4 B April 25, 2020

Resources for Christian Writers

Recommended Resources for the Christian Writer’s Library:

Christian resources:

Main Stream Version of the Bible such as KJV, NKJV, NIV, ESV, NRSV, etc. (This is a Bible that is not written by a specific church and/or religious organization, for its own members.)

King James Version of the Bible as it’s the only one that’s Public Domain and is not copyrighted. It doesn’t limit the amount of scripture you can put in your published writings.

An Exhaustive Concordance to the Bible—If available, choose one that goes along with the main stream version of the Bible you choose to use.

A Bible Dictionary such as Unger’s Bible Dictionary. There are others available to choose from. Pick the one that you believe will work best for you.

Devotional Materials for your daily time with Jesus.

An Introduction to Christian Writing, 2nd. Edition, by Ethel Herr. This book is available online through or through the website for American Christian Writers:

You Can Do It: A Guide to Christian Self-Publishing by Athena Dean. Mukilteo, WA: Wine Press Publishing, 1998.

A free membership to This is a great resource for Christian writers. It provides access to help with your writing through lessons, critiques and forums where you can get help from other Christian writers. You have access to lessons, a family of Christian writers to help you, and a place to display your writing to a worldwide audience. You can also see, read and comment on the work of other Christian writers. Membership begins at the free (silver) level.

The Faithwriters’ website also offers a gold membership and a platinum membership. As you go to the more expensive memberships, you get more features of the website. The platinum membership, the last time I looked, cost about $120 one-time fee for a year’s membership. People, including editors, look through the articles to find one’s that will work in their publications.

The website also shows you how many people have seen your written works. You get your writing displayed worldwide without even having to purchase envelopes and stamps. I have a free membership to the website and have found it to be encouraging and inspirational. It’s also fun to see and critique what other people write.

More items will be added to this list later. These items are recommended. There is no requirement to buy them. This list was created to be a tool for writers who want to learn how to improve their Christian writing.