Meeting Update: April 9, 2022

Our meeting on April 9th was a success even though a few members could not attend. We worked in our new "Writers in Residence" books by Debra Bell which were published by Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc. and purchased from for an amazingly low price. These books may be going out of print, I don't … Continue reading Meeting Update: April 9, 2022

Writer’s Meeting June 26, 2021

Our second meeting, though we only had two attending, turned out well. God met with us and did some healing work in our hearts and minds. We discussed the Christian writer is a Christian and all of our writing endeavors are worship before God. We also discussed various purposes for our Christian writing including, but … Continue reading Writer’s Meeting June 26, 2021

Writers’ Meeting June 12, 2021

Our North Idaho Christian Writers Meeting on June 12th was a success. We had four writers attend, some from our gatherings before Covid-19 shut down the library meeting rooms, and some new people. We began the meeting with prayer and introductions. We proceeded to discuss the definition of a Christian writer. We also talked about … Continue reading Writers’ Meeting June 12, 2021

Press On With Your Writing!

Be diligent! April 4, 2020 Authors and Writers, It's unfortunate that our meetings have been put on hold until this corona virus runs its course. However, I constructed this website so that I can still communicate with you. I hope to continue our meetings at the Sandpoint Library when we are free to do so. … Continue reading Press On With Your Writing!

Meeting 1-A-Jan. 11, 2020

On January 11, 2020, we had the first meeting of North Idaho Christian Writers. Even with about 8 inches of new snow, we had four people, including myself, attend the meeting. I began the meeting with prayer, then introduced myself. Two handouts "Member's Information Sheet" and "About Robin" were passed out. Those attending the meeting … Continue reading Meeting 1-A-Jan. 11, 2020