Robin at Sandpoint City Beach during the fall season

Hello Christian authors and writers! 

Update: This writers’ group has been put on hold indefinitely.  Since the loss of my husband, Steve, I have been bogged down with paperwork and personal business. I am, however, open to an email from a writer that has comments or questions. You can email me at getrobinu@gmail.com          

My name is Robin Ulbredtch.  I live in Sandpoint, Idaho. I have decided to start a Christian writer’s group in Sandpoint. I want to begin this writer’s group because I desired to find a writer’s group who would take me under their wing and mentor me. I went to a couple of meetings of other local writing groups but did not find them too helpful because they did not focus on the things I needed. The meetings I attended were either small critique groups or groups that focused mainly on fiction. I’m sure the groups were helpful to those who attended, but I needed more help with the mechanics of writing and my main interests are nonfiction and Bible studies.  I was called to write for God’s glory in the early 2000s. Since that time, I have received an associate degree from North Idaho College and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Liberty University Online. I enjoy teaching writing and language arts as well as teaching Bible. Though I am far from perfection, I believe God wants me to share what I have learned with others. I have taught myself to make websites with the help of the people at http://wordpress.com I enjoy sharing God’s word with others through websites. Though I have much more to learn, I am happy to share what I know with others. I write mainly Christian books, testimonies, and nonfiction. Yet I am willing to share what I know about fiction writing with others. This writer’s group is open to all who want to learn to improve their writing. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned, famous author and writer, you are welcome in our group. My vision for a writing group consists of two monthly meetings. The first meeting is a business meeting where we talk about various activities, contests, resources and writing tips. The second meeting is focused on helping authors and writers with the mechanics of writing. Hopefully each writer will bring a project he or she is working on and we can work together to help others. I will be on hand for any person who has questions and/or needs help with writing. By working together to seek God and write for His glory, I believe our lights will shine so bright that others will see it and glorify God. If you desire more information or have questions about North Idaho Christian Writers, please feel free to email me at getrobinu@gmail.com